About us!

From 2013, Mr. Veljko Perovic has been involved in the international commodity trade of UCO (Biodiesel industry), vegetable oils( crude and refined) glycerin ( crude, refined and second grade), animal Fat CAT 1,2,3 and other products.

Mr. Veljko Perovic has gained a great experience dealing with each of these products and has established his own network of stable and reliable contacts.

What should be particularly stressed is his engagement in the biodiesel industry, which is the sphere of his interest on a daily basis.

His first encounter with this business happens in a British trading company. He learned the basics of this job from his boss at the time, who was an exceptional man, professional and old school in business. Due to circumstances, he leaves to Dubai UAE and continues his business activities there.

In the next few years, he was engaged in UAE company, based in Dubai, dealing with collection and trade of UCO for biodiesel production. The company was among the most significant UCO suppliers from UAE. He supplied the most known biodiesel producers in Europe.

At the same time he dealt with the international UCO trade that helped him establish contacts and meet the biggest UCO suppliers from all around the world.

In past few years, he has acquired an extensive experience in dealing with both advantages and disadvantages of this industry, detailed knowledge on process of the production, international transport organization, supply of raw materials etc.

What is very important for all biodiesel producers is a stable supply chain. This is our advantage!

Regarding Petrol&Gas and other products, there’s been an exceptional dedication in last couple years to build a strong and stable network globally.

In the end, trading is specific by itself. There is no theory to support it. Trading is just like a living thing and we should treat it that way. Mr. Veljko Perovic is person who is constantly working, researching, seeking for the new business options, making contacts… He does not believe in luck, but only success based on hard work.

Based on hard work, reliability and dedication we will build our path for future generations.

Mr Veljko Perovic